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Fueling Success Through Inclusivity And Diversity

Speaker: Dr. Ivan Joseph

4/27/2024 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Speaker: Dr. Ivan Joseph

A culture of inclusivity is a culture of high performance. Likely you’re prioritizing diversity and inclusion. And, you’ve had setbacks—and need some fresh ideas and inspiration!

Dr. Ivan Joseph shares practical and proven strategies to build an inclusive culture. An authority on retention of under-represented populations in predominantly white organizations, Dr Joseph also speaks movingly from his own experience. He has overcome challenges, broken barriers, and led a transformation toward inclusivity in every organization he’s worked for.

Born in Guyana, Ivan moved to Canada at age five. Ivan knows what it’s like to look different and sound different, to be a Black student on a white campus, to be a leader from an under-represented group. He has experienced the challenges and opportunities of being a designated hire. And he understands from the inside the complexities of creating an inclusive organizational culture.

In this perspective-shifting talk, Ivan shares insights and experiences from his own remarkable story. 

Your leaders gain:

• Powerful strategies—including the Identity Development Model—to drive high performance through inclusivity and diversity.

• Tactics for successfully navigating the nuances of organizational decisions related to diversity and inclusion.

• Techniques to foster successful cross-cultural communication.

Your leaders will be ready and eager to create a culture where inclusion and high performance go hand in hand.

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