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Learning to Make Chocolate Pie Made Me a Better Leader

My 83-year-old mom is a living legend in my hometown for her prowess in the kitchen. She's taught me how to make strawberry jam, how to "put up" corn, and how to make Thanksgiving dressing. Her absolute specialty is chocolate meringue' pie and she taught me everything she knows. As I've made literally hundreds of pies with my mom, and on my own, I've learned that there are a lot of leadership principles in making a good pie. We'll unpack these concepts in a fast-paced, fun, ignite session. Attendees will learn some leadership pearls and maybe satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time!

Speaker: Joe Ogle

Joe Ogle is Director at OrthoOklahoma, a division of Stillwater Medical, as well as director of provider recruitment for Stillwater Medical. He has worked in healthcare leadership for nearly 30 years and has been in his current position for 20 years. He is a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer. Joe is active in his church and OneWorld Health, an international missions group that works in east Africa and Central America. He lives in Stillwater, OK, with his wife, Seana. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law. They enjoy relaxing at the lake and traveling.

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