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Boosting ROI at AAOE Annual Conference 2023: 3 Success Stories


When Enovis, Fidia and Sean M. Weiss of Doctors Management identified the AAOE Annual Conference as a chance to expand their reach within the industry, they quickly realized its immense potential for invaluable networking opportunities and an impressive return on investment. With this one move, these companies had access to some of most influential leaders in their field!

The story of Enovis, Fidia & Doctors Management

Enovis is an AAOE Peer Reviewed company with over 7,000 employees dedicated to improving patients' lives by creating products and procedures that enhance healthcare outcomes and streamline operations.


FIDIA PHARMA USA INC. has worked steadily to spread its reach across the U.S and Canada, ensuring customers have access to their inventive treatment solutions in knee joint healthcare and women's health.


Sean M. Weiss, CHC, CEMA, is the Vice President of Compliance at Doctors Management. DoctorsManagement is a consulting firm that assists healthcare providers and their teams in optimizing profits, avoiding compliance issues, and cultivating a stress-free environment. Their services empower doctors to prioritize patient care without sacrificing business results or convenience.

The Challenge

After years of disappointing returns from the traditional circuit of small conferences, these businesses made the decision to explore a new avenue - attending the AAOE Annual Conference. Immediately, they saw results and have since made it a part of their regular strategy for success. It provides an opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services to a large and diverse audience and allows them to network with other industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments. Additionally, exhibiting can help businesses establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry and build brand awareness.

The Results

The overall experience of the AAOE Conference


Enovis "Positive, the team is helpful, supportive, well organized, and valuable for meeting people, networking, inspiring new ideas, and finding ways to innovate."


Fidia "There is a certain vibe or atmosphere that you cannot explain to anyone else unless you have attended. Everyone is there to learn new information and has an openness for new customers to come and speak with you and build a relationship!"


Sean Weiss "Without question, first class. The attention to detail from the opening of vendor ability to select their spot all the way through information in the lead up to the conference and when you get to the conference, the availability of the staff to assist with any last minute hiccups that may take place. You can't beat that attention to detail. For me, for over two decades, it's the experience that brings me back again and again, year after year."


Why They Keep Coming Back


Enovis "We come back year after year because we find it to be valuable. This is where we meet our target market of orthopedic executives, customers, and prospects, leave the conference energized and inspired, and look forward to it each year."


Fidia "Networking opportunities! The new possibilities of business that you can develop that come from this meeting, you can't get anywhere else. You will never get the one-on-one time that you get at the annual conference."


Sean "We continue to come back because of the attendance. You can't beat the continuous exposure to the attendees in the conference hall and our ability to network with them in between sessions after conference events. So well thought through that when you look at this conference above other industry conferences, this one stands head and shoulders above the competition."


ROI Value of Attending


Enovis "ROI for attending- meet prospects, network, attending in person brings new ideas, and we look forward to this event year round! We, of course, had to look at ROI before making this decision. After attending our first 12 years ago, we discovered you couldn't buy this kind of exposure with these critical decision-makers! You are building relationships you can't build anywhere else. Naturally, building relationships is fantastic."


Sean, "One of the significant issues that vendors face, is demonstrating an ROI. for our firm; I cannot think of a year when there was a live conference in which we did not show a solid return on investment. We are never disappointed with RIO after attending an AAOE conference."


The Best Part of Exhibiting or Sponsoring at the AAOE Conference


Enovis "Alignment with what we are trying to accomplish! Meet customers, prospects, industry experts, and vendors. We leave this conference energized and looking forward to the year ahead."


Fidia "Networking opportunities. We build better relationships in two or three days than with 15-20 calls. Key decision-makers are less stressed, more open outside their domain, and can build long-lasting relationships. That's why we come back every year." 


Sean "The best part is the continuous interaction with attendees and constant engagement with AAOE staff members who are attentive to every need you have. I genuinely appreciate this organization's creation of the vendor relation advisory board. I've had an opportunity to be a part of this board. I had a chance to walk around the conference as a member of this advisory board, talking to vendors and asking them what could have been done differently. Will they come back? That is something that is missing from many other associations."

The AAOE Annual Conference helps attendees explore your products and service options that may positively support the needs of their practice.

Interested in knowing more about exhibiting, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities? Visit and download our prospectus today!

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